Addiction Confessed… I Love Recruitment and there is no substitute!

Anita HolbrowOnce upon a time there was a small girl who dreamed of becoming an Archaeologist, or a fashion designer, or being discovered by a secret talent spotter as an amazing artist, or becoming prime-minister, or being a Nobel prize-winning chemist, or writing great works that would become part of the national school’s curriculum,… getting the picture??.. Never at any point did she dream of spending her career in the world of recruitment and employment.

Who ever thought they would be in recruitment?

But – as luck would have it,- that is exactly what she did…and without giving you the full blown history job – this is me … 20 year long addiction to recruitment, and absolutely passionate about bringing our world to the centre stage of everything.

I don’t know many people who targeted recruitment as their career goal – but there is something about this industry that is addictive… and no matter the route to recruitment, I have yet to meet anyone in this industry that is not passionate about it.

So.., as well as many, many other things, having the IRP, is one of those really (even seriously) important things that I am exceptionally proud to be part of. And, having the opportunity to work for our industry bodies REC/IRP – and drive the knowledge of the worth, value, professionalism of recruitment right to the heart of the UK’s government, employers, people – is something I absolutely jumped at the chance to do – and it’s as addictive as the act of recruitment itself.

The Institute of Recruitment Professionals (IRP) was founded by the Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) in 2009 to meet the ever increasing needs of professionals who deliver the UK’s recruitment services.

The core purpose of the IRP is to ensure that individual recruiters are recognised as a member of a professional industry that is committed to upholding best practice, world-class recruitment standards and providing the best possible service to clients and candidates.

All IRP Members sign up to the IRP Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct which demonstrates their commitment to practicing the very highest standards of principled and professional recruitment. Delivering the highest standards of service to clients and candidates alike is core to being recognised as a true professional, so is being an individual member of the REC’s Institute of Recruitment Professionals.

This industry is a people-thing, it’s made up of you, me, the candidates – the lives that are changed and shaped and the businesses that are grown from this, which means when we launched IRP in 2008, it was to make sure every person in this industry could be part of a professional institute, and share with passion their hopes and dreams – and build a faculty of proof that shows every candidate and client alike, just what being REALLY GREAT looks like.

So – here is my blog… and it’s called I Love Recruitment, and I want to share it with as many people as possible – because I hope that the passion that we all have can start to bubble up, become palpable – so we can all see it, and talk to each other – and inspire each other… This is your moment to confess if you have the same addiction to recruitment and why….

I’ve got some great guest bloggers I’m going to be introducing over the next few weeks – let me know if you fancy a crack at it. Follow me on Twitter @AnitaHolbrowREC or LinkedIn – so we can stay in touch

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