Sound of Social Music – My favourite things

There’s no hiding the power of social media.

In my opinion it is the future of marketing and social recruiting it should be the basis of all future marketing campaigning. Actually, scrap that ALL the major worldwide recruitment brands are social savvy and those who aren’t are missing out on instantly reaching millions of focused consumers. Social media isn’t just simply about changing a Facebook or Twitter status every now again, SM adds brand value and should be about creating a virtual environment where customers can swap and share ideas. So that a brand that can nurture communities into strong loyal relationships and create a group of clients spreading the joyous word of your brand. In essence social media is about conversations, not selling.

What makes a social campaign successful?

Mix of Mediums – What makes a social media campaign work is a consistent brand image, extensive use of  a range of mediums, not just the obvious but linking LinkedIn, E-blogs, other Facebook tabs, Pinterest Boards – heck why not Podcasts as well? Interlinking all mediums together is great way to re-direct customers to other apps, mini-sites and other media platforms.

Crowd Sourcing and Researching – Offering exclusive offers, discounts and experiences to new “friends” will help generate new business. However, let’s keep our promotions relevant and targeted, please! Don’t just ask people to “Like” and “Share” a page for an opportunity to win a share of money. Why? (All together now…) because it isn’t TARGETED!

Any business aimed at gaining new business should have a higher level of interactivity so consumers can build a rapport and relationship with the brand. Knowing your audience is to know your campaign. Research, research, research. There’s no point using a brightly coloured techno whizzy campaign if you’re selling table cloths to OAPS.

Consistency – What makes all campaigns so successful is consistency. The same themes, language and brand image from start to finish across all media platforms is a winner here.

Customer Service – Supporting customers with video FAQ, webinars or company updates that allows customers to feedback will keep that initial bond strong and healthy.

Interactive – No social campaign will work unless it’s interactive, appealing and engaging with the target audience. An exciting experience will impress new and repeat business and start tongues wagging. Most campaigns go unnoticed but add flavor and innovation:
your campaign will shine through.

Language – Think about the tone and the language that you use for your target audience, At the top of the media chain there should be a competent copy writer who leaves a good impression with a few choice words.

What breaks a social media campaign?

Golden touch – Leaving an automated robot will smash any trust you’ve worked so hard to build. One thing is for sure; you will not see any automated “Welcome to our Twitter Feed” messages on our account.

Selective mediums – You can’t please everyone all the time. Selecting the right platform will ensure maximum results. Test a few platforms over a 3 week period If it doesn’t add value, bin it, it’s a waste of your time.

No action buttons – Finally, a social media campaign is pointless unless there are a variety of action buttons. Adding “share” and “sign-up” buttons will generate leads and ensure the campaign will multiply.

It really does still all boil down to identifying yourself, building and keeping your credibility high and keeping your customers engaged – Ice ice baby!

Social recruiting is quickly becoming an important strategy for top billing recruiters, and it deserves a slot in every new (and old –ahem’) arsenal, it has the ability to give results overnight and if used correctly will enhance relationships between your clients and candidates.

Some say Social media is too risky because it’s too voluntary, I say that’s the best thing about it.

Join the social revolution! Smash it!

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