Being Brilliant

I went to the Globe theatre the other night.. OMG, it was truly fantastic. All male cast of Twelfth Night – with Mark Rylance and Stephen Fry – (and a host of other notable peeps).. The detail they had gone to in order to make it not just brilliant but exceptional was quite staggering.

The thing that gave it away wasn’t simply that it was outstanding – it was the un-agreed, yet combined response of the audience to what was happening.

I love the idea that we have some sort of electromagnetic connection with each other, and that somehow Brilliance is a tangible thing – but I think it’s more than just a crowd-mentality at play.

For a whole packed audience of people to respond so overwhelmingly at one things, means there must be some paradigms that we use to each determine brilliance – and it be as obvious as those naked sun-bathers were to my 11 year old son on holiday, that brilliance is able to be pointed out and explained.

The reason I ramble so, is because it’s only a few weeks since we judged the IRP awards and created the shortlists – and identified the winners ( And similar to last night at the Globe – even though we had 12 judges from an assortment of professions and backgrounds – the brilliance of those entrants was quite palpable..

It’s too late to enter obviously for this year – but I have to say if you get an opportunity to be recognised and held up then please do. As smug as those Bard actors must be – it was as clear as clear could be on their faces at their joy at the way their work was publically appreciated.

So… 25th October is the Awards night… a night of a hundred stars.. more than just an awards evening – we recognise brilliance in our students, companies – and the piece de resistance.. the top accolade to our one in a million recruiter picked from all the winners.

On top of that we have another bit of brilliance, live band, music, comedy, champagne, 4 course dinner – and a major celebration of all the things we all are.

Sooooo….my challenge this week is STOP…!!!  just have a little think about being brilliant.. who do you know that is? What do you do that is?.. don’t underestimate that old.. butterfly-wing effect.. whereby we just don’t know the difference we make to someone who to us may just be the merest of passing faces..

Go on.. Allow yourself a moment’s indulgence and walk tall, being brilliant and spotting it in someone else.

Anita's Brilliant Tips
Anita’s Brilliant Tips

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