A Reputation To Be Proud Of

Ok.. so, before I begin… watch a bit if this clip.. Just up to when he gets into the office itself…. (you’ll have to click ‘skip the ad’.. it’s YouTube..)

‘Ministry of Silly walks’ from Monty Python

Now… I hope you laughed.. it is a classic bit of footage, but the reason I show it is because all of us, without thinking, know exactly what we were going to get… not because it was this specific clip, but because of the reputation.. dare I say the brand that Monty Python has.

Now ‘brand’ for them is something that took a long while to develop – and short of a criminal act of a nasty nature revealling a hidden past of despicable qualities – this reputation is built to last, and it colours all similar things, every time we think of classic British comedy, and its good.

So… you know where I am heading with this.. what is our brand… how are we defined and what is the reputation of our industry….?

The thing is, this is a people industry…. and largely speaking we define our own brand for it as people….. how we behave, and who we align ourselves with – including which professional organisations we align ourselves with. There are lots of things to consider, but the simplest equation of behaviour breeds behaviour and we hire in our own image might ring true…so what we might see is..

I am employed in recruitment and my employer isn’t interested in me.. only how much money I bring in… therefore I live values that mirror this…


I win more business, the company I work for is more succesful, I am valued by my clients, candidates and employer because I represent the right values and brand… me myself.

In a highly competitive market like recruitment it is all about how you represent yourself as a solid brand within your industry and build up a long-lasting reputation that will uphold through the thick of it. But how do you tackle the challenge of reputation? And what is the ‘Brand’ message of recruitment and staffing?

So, let’s have a look at this… and to try and answer the questions let’s just reflect back on that Monty Python clip for a second.

In the clip the other thing to note is just how much the world has changed beyond compare in 30 years. So the other thing in determining how to create a brand that lasts is to recognise how fast change has happened – and look at what is likely to happen

Ok so, next bit… here’s another video called ‘Changing world’… watch it if you want – it’s not perfect, and it gets all Canadian after about 4 mins – but it’s got some great stats in the early part – 2 or 3 mins should be enough… but it’s no wonder we sometimes struggle to define ourselves….’ 

In this clip it shows just how rapidly the world is changing… stating that many of today’s studies didn’t exist 10 years ago…and that we are currently preparing students for jobs and technologies that don’t yet exist, in order to solve problems we don’t even know are problems yet.

So what does this mean? A global, technology, social media world – a world with a common language – but without common standards… So where is recruitment in this equation – Who is leading who?

‘The Brand of Recruitment’ is about how it presents and shows off the ‘People’ it employs. Business brand is everything… based on the value placed upon our employees…. – If you run a business, investment in the professionalism of yourself, businesses and your people is key. Without understanding the equation we will be in trouble with our own Monty Python Icon…. people talk.. it’s a fact.. make sure we are talking and saying the messages we want to be defined by. But we’re not great at living a lie for a long time – so make sure it’s a vision factored in at the core.

So another equation…. When you’ve got employers becoming more discerning, and when you have research showing that the vast number of managers under 35 wanting to work for a company that does something worthwhile that they can believe in.. and you’ve got businesses competing to be the best to attract the best talent! We have a problem if we don’t recognise that walking the walk as an employer of people is key…. This doesn’t just affect BMW, Shell Oil, Tesco – it affects AB Recruit, Zz recruit.. all our larger staffing firms and every single person involved.

Here’s another clip – again, you don’t have to watch it – and it is Australian… but I promise you it gets the point across and helps us think seriously about employer branding – I don’t mean your clients – I mean recruitment businesses as employers. Watch the clip here.

YOU want to work for the best business… so being the best employer means demonstrating the highest values – choosing – nay, demanding that YOU are employed by them… you are the best – you are an IRP member….. You have set out your brand…. All businesses want to work with organisations and people that offer the least risk, the highest standards – in other words that enhance their core brand – this is what IRP does for you.. makes you very attractive and safe.

This is where being an IRP member is most valuable to you – this sets out your reputation for you… The core purpose of the IRP is to ensure that individual recruiters are recognised as a member of a professional industry that is committed to upholding best practice, world-class recruitment standards and providing the best possible service to clients and candidates…thus bringing focus to your credibility and reputation as a recruiter – and it is your secret weapon in winning business.

One of the cornerstones is building trust – and making this immediately tangible.

And believe it or not – that is what your IRP badge does… without even speaking your reputation has opened the door and shook hands with your client… meaning when you start your relationship with them, you have just short-cut 30 years of trust building.

Now…… I’m going to show one last clip – and even if you didnt watch any of the others I want you to watch this one… This is a company with a short-ish history, with a variable brand aura over this time – that is now a  major brand leader… for all the right reasons… and in this clip they’ve done a ‘retro-fit’ advert…. taking us back to when they emerged on to the market, even though at that time their brand may have been thought of differently… it makes us see them as trusted for ever… and it sort of makes you go ‘wow’… I want to work for them, be with them, smile like them, use THEIR brand….

I suppose my message before you watch, is that it’s never too late… no matter what your reputation is or isn’t – using IRP as your calling card, identity, short-cut can set you and your business apart.

Total professional brand – where are we taking this???   Enjoy the clip…. (switch the sound up…J)

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