Ladies and Gentlemen…The Winners Are…

Ladies and Gentlemen… The Winners ARE…….

So… picture the scene, just under 500 recruiters, champagne, glitter, chat and lights. The evening is in full flow, the recruitment media and VIP guests look on, we couldn’t have packed another person into the room and then the voice from the sky: ‘Ladies and Gentlemen, put your hands together for Huw Edwards and the 5th annual IRP Awards’.

Screams, cheers, clapping, hats being thrown (who was wearing a hat?)  In short, last Thursday night, the world of recruitment showed the nation just what ‘being brilliant’ really looks like.

You know how it is; sometimes our industry attracts criticism or struggles to make clients really understand the service they get. However, sometimes the swelling pride we feel when we are lucky enough to be part of a combination of celebrating excellence – coupled with party-animal shape-throwing into the wee small hours – says that IRP recruiters are simply the best, extremely resilient, bright, passionate and unbelievably generous.

It was a fantastic evening – being brilliant is certainly something I think our industry excels at.

We’ve got a great little set of vid-clips that Lynne Garcia took which can be found here, the full list of winners is  here  and the official photos from the night here

[Baroness Prosser back left Jane Mee then Mrs and Mrs Jeff Brooks, Lifetime achievement winner and Mervyn Dinnen Jobsite – celebrate as Jeff’s achievement is announced]                       

Winner of the Overall Recruiter of the year Christopher Clark with Huw Edwards.. Chris had just kissed Huw on the lips with joy.

Christopher Clark and Jonathan Benjamin – [both winners] 

 Clive Hutchings and myself.. (before I lost my left ear-ring!) 

 Bespoke Recruitment winners best small company under 20 employees with Kevin Green

 Steve Bentham-Bates stepping up to collect Eileen Simpson Award for Outstanding Contribution

 Ricky Martin (Apprentice Winner) and Lauren King – On Stage giving out Award for Best People Development Business

 After Party celebrating 

 The main thing is, as I have said before, never for a moment think that YOU are anything less than amazing. Recruitment can change lives and sometimes awards can too. I was just chatting to David Tait –who won Recruiter of the Year two years ago who says his IRP membership and awards have played a major role in his subsequent success.

Now, just when you thought the fun was all over, it’s time to announce the winner of the ‘I Love Recruitment’ competition and I have to say I have had so much fun reading the entries and comments over the past few weeks.

Some say this winner has always been a country-sort, some-say this person knows how to wear a pair of wellies with panache and some say, as this winner did, it’s the dogs that she meets really make the difference.

I’m delighted to announce that the winner of the 2012 I Love Recruitment Competition is. Drdrdrdrdrdrdrdrrdrdr drdrrdrdr drdrdrdrdrdrdrd(drum roll noise) …Jane Fielden.

So, another Awards over, another few days closer to Christmas and then we all start the year again.

Come-on guys – let me know what you think… Why is it we love winning? Nature vs nurture? Head over to the I Love Recruitment page and share your thoughts.

View the IRP Awards 2012 video here!

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