Why I Love Recruitment – IRP Awards 2012 Lifetime Achievement Winner

By Eileen Simpson Award for Outstanding Contribution Winner 2012 – Steve Bentham-Bates, Regular Forces Employment Association

The phone rang and the caller   turned out to be a former recruit of mine into the RAF as a PTI in 1995, now   preparing to return to civilian employment I find myself helping him back out   of the RAF!  What a small world.

Over a period of 22 years I have   had the pleasure of recruiting a number of people into fulfilling careers   within the RAF and since 1997 helping not just RAF but RN and Army people   into worthwhile careers on their discharge and return to “Civvy Street”.

My first Gurkha recruit is still   at the company I introduced him to 6 years ago and very happy.  Another chap went to work in Ascension   Island, yet another in The Outback of Australia, as well as a number working   in the Middle East.

Closer to home following a very   successful year,  a number of Service   leavers started work with Doncaster based Redline Aviation Security and Cape   PLC on good paying jobs.  Only 2 days   ago I also had confirmation of another 4 people starting work in the rail   industry.

Every time a placement is   confirmed it is a really rewarding feeling, knowing I am supporting a fellow   Ex Service person in their transition back to civilian life.

I have also been fortunate enough   to be recognized by the IRP for my work training new members of the industry   studying for their Certificate in RP getting the Best Achievement from   Training Award in 2008 following graduating with one of the first Honours   Degrees in Recruitment Practice the year before;   then earlier this month receiving The Eileen Simpson Award for outstanding contribution to the industry.

I have met many interesting people   and visited a lot of places including the back Garden of Buckingham Palace I  would never have seen but for my job.

I have often said that even if I won the Lotto Jackpot I would still do my job because I really do love Recruitment and the joy I get and give to people when you help them

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