I Love Recruitment Winner – The Hats I Wear – Why I Love Recruitment!

By Marie-Clara Thaureux from Layton Andrews

The best time to ask a recruitment consultant why they love their job is during that ‘just post placement phase’ when they are experiencing the uncontrollable urge to jump up and down, the wide smile still a permanent feature. The majority if not all recruitment consultants will tell you it’s ‘’the rush’’ that gets them out of bed every morning. Even in their darkest hours when the world is falling at their feet it is the promise of that high that keeps them going. We’re Addicts and I am no exception.

Marie-Clara Thaureux

Two types of people enter the recruitment industry – those that last and those that don’t, at this moment I still fit into the former category. The key to this is no-one ever seems to enter the recruitment industry meaningfully. I have heard all the stories, many wonderful experiences had by those that ‘’fell’’ into this post, got addicted to the recruitment buzz drug and never left!

For me though, the high, the addiction is without a doubt my driving factor, unquestionably my crowning moments throughout my career but this is without reservation an addiction, I crave that feeling and am un-willing to give it up. It doesn’t form that deeper bond of Love.  To Love something (or someone for that matter) you need more than a two minute high before the inevitable comedown, you need stability and consistency to know where you stand in relation to your respective other, which for those of you who are still with me I will now explain.

I Love recruitment because of the diversity of people I meet, everyone I speak to has a story, teaches me something, or inspires me. I get to meet new people every day and consider myself incredibly lucky, it is this that not only gets me out of bed but keeps me burning the midnight oil on a regular basis. I Love that I have an effect on people’s lives whether I place them or not, I Love that many ‘’candidates’’ are now friends – as are many of my ‘’clients’’.  Most of all I love the challenges I face and the difference I can make from a struggling client who need’s someone to understand the critical component of a position, to a candidate that want’s more than anything to be listened to instead of being put in a box.

Recruitment has been the foundation of my career that has compromised counsellor, educator, psychologist, negotiator, advisor, assistant, inspirer, motivator, interviewer, coach, friend and even once a child minder when a candidate had an interview and her usual nanny called in sick!


Recruitment is a daily trial, a test of your strength of character, it is also one of the most rewarding careers you can follow, each day you hear a new story, learn a new lesson, change someone’s life, and it really doesn’t get much better than this!

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