I Love Recruitment: Goosebumps mixed with a splash of buzz and satisfaction

I Love Recruitment submission by Simon Horseman, Straco International

From my first initial chat over the phone back in 1996, I knew straight away that recruitment was for me, the actual role gave me goosebumps and I have enjoyed every day from there on in. Every day is different; there are ups and downs in this faced paced industry which means being able to ride the storms, smile and enjoy the good times and everything in between, we are very proud to have come out the other side of the recent recession with our heads held high without compromising our values. As a company where family values are at the heart of everything we do, we have fantastic staff that all have a great sense of humour and we encourage them to be involved in the business on a daily basis, it’s as much about them as it is about me.

Simon Horseman
My passion really comes from meeting people, both candidates and clients, and building a strong relationship together with seeing a client’s business grow, this gives me a huge buzz knowing that the people we placed with our clients are responsible for their company’s growth. You really can’t beat the feeling of finding the candidate you know is perfect for a role and you know will be an asset to one of your clients.


As specialist recruiters within the marketing communications industry, we operate in a niche market, but it’s one I feel very passionate about having worked in the industry and being part of it prior to starting the business, it’s allowed me to create a good life for myself and my family. My aim was to create a business that companies and candidates can trust and that they can always turn to if they need a bit of advice, even when it is more industry related than job related. We are constantly told how good we are by both clients and candidates, which gives me great satisfaction that myself and the team are doing a great job. I really do love what myself and Straco International do, if I didn’t we wouldn’t have been around for 16 years!

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