Celebrating Success – IRP Award Winners

Recruitment Matters (RM) interview with David Gold from Prospectus Ltd about winning the IRP Award for Best Contribution to the Community.

  • Name: David Gold CEO
  • Agency: Prospectus Ltd
  • Years in recruitment: 10+
  • Specialism: Beyond Profit sector


RM: What was the response from clients?
DG: Whilst we have not marketed it heavily, the clients we have told are really pleased we have received recognition for the work we do.

RM: How can work in the community benefit the business in tough times?
DG: I believe in the ‘company citizen’ where everyone has a part to play in the community. It is not about benefit, just participation.

RM: What do you like and dislike about our industry?
DG: Finding the best human capital to help organisations improve and the individual develop and grow has to be a great opportunity for any organisation. I dislike highly financially incentivised structures but I am sure it has some advantages.

RM: What’s your top tip for people entering the industry this year?
DG: This year and every year – a career decision should be made on learning, development and seizing opportunities.


RM: How can recruitment improve its image?
DG: Appear to be less transactional.

RM: How can recruiters advise clients on the benefits of having a diverse workforce when hiring?
DG: Diversity is all about creativity and little to do with compliance.

RM: Is there anything your work colleagues don’t know about you?
DG: I can’t think of anything and I’m not sure that I would tell you first.

RM: If you were not working in recruitment what job would you do?
DG: Who knows – live in the moment only and I am enjoying myself currently.

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