Recruitment is like an Easter egg hunt…

By Gabriella Hey, REC

Who remembers that feeling of waking up on Easter Sunday ready to search the house and garden for hidden treasure? If you had siblings like myself you will be well aware that it’s all about finding the biggest and best egg before your brother or sister does! I suppose if you think about it recruitment is not that different, I don’t mean from the perspective of a recruiter (searching for the best candidate) either. What I am suggesting comes from the perspective of an end user (client or candidate), how do they look for the best recruiter in such a large ‘garden’?

Garbriella Hey

An interesting fact around Easter Eggs is that the UK has the 7th highest consumption of chocolate in the world (I wonder how much of that comes from recruitment offices around the country?) and each year Easter Egg chocolate sales are worth roughly £500m, meaning that the UK has quite the sweet tooth for chocolate – big numbers but this is eclipsed when looking at our industry.

The UK has the 2nd largest recruitment economy in the world with an annual turnover of around £25billion, so with great power comes great responsibility, responsibility for each recruiter to aim to deliver the ‘biggest’ and best recruitment services the UK has to offer. In my opinion being a member of the Institute of Recruitment Professionals is one way to ensure you are the best egg out there…leaving your clients and candidates coming back for more!


In the last year the temporary and contract turnover in terms of recruitment fees was £22billion with a £2.5billion turnover for the permanent market. In terms of volume this equates to around 604,193 permanent placements and 1,049,333 temporary / contract placements per year, which is equivalent to 24% of the industrial/blue collar sector – which brings us back to the production of Easter Eggs. Many suppliers like Cadbury’s and Nestle hire thousands of temporary workers to produce their Easter eggs and where else would they get their workers other than from us?

Every day recruiters and recruitment agencies have the opportunity to prove to clients and candidates that they are the best, and in doing so are compliant, follow best practice and ascertain the knowledge needed to uphold high standards within the recruitment industry… so how does the IRP fit into this?

The answer is simple: with our qualifications! Just like the best Easter Eggs require the best chocolate – recruiters need the best knowledge and skills to stand out above the rest and the IRP offers 2 ways of getting hold of this knowledge and skill set:

Option one is our Certificate in Recruitment Practice (CertRP) which targets recruiters that have just started their career in recruitment and are looking at ways in which they can show clients and candidates why they should work with them above anyone else – the certificate will increase your personal effectiveness by providing practical and authoritative learning, and on top of this you will gain access to apply for the Member level of the Institute of Recruitment Professionals (MIRP) – and who doesn’t want a couple of letters behind their name?!?


The certificate is comprised of 6 core units:

• Build and Sustain Relationships
• Sell Recruitment Services
• Manage the Recruitment Process
• Essential Legislation and Operational Processes
• Market the Recruitment Business
• Manage Yourself for Success

For the more experienced recruiters/team leaders or managers out there who are looking to further develop their sales and recruitment knowledge and skills the IRP provides the Diploma in Recruitment Practice (DipRP) which provides you with a broader perspective for a more competitive edge….

The diploma comprises of 4 core units:
• Build and Develop Networks and Relationships
• Advanced Recruitment Sales
• Manage the Recruitment Process (as with the certificate)
• Law and Ethics in Recruitment

Plus 5 optional units of which you are required to choose 2 to complete the diploma:
• Business Development and Marketing
• Manage People
• Manage Operational Processes
• Manage Finances
• Recruitment Business Planning

To find out more info or to enrol for the certificate or diploma call the IRP today on 020 7009 2155 or email

So I ask you again, do you want to be the best of the best? The big and shiny Easter Egg amongst the rest?

It’s simple – join the IRP and get qualified so that you can shout from the rooftops that you are the best recruiter out there that every client and candidate in the UK wants…

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