IRP Award Winners – Temporary Consultant of the Year 2012

Continuing on with showcasing our marvolous IRP winners Recruitment matters spoke to Chris Oddy who won the Temporary Consultant of the Year at the 2012 IRP Awards.

Name: Chris Oddy

Agency: Real Staffing Group

Years in recruitment: Five

Specialism: Electronic engineering

Chris Oddly

How did you get into recruitment?

I studied graphic communication and design but while I was at university I fell into recruitment and then found myself really enjoying it. I loved the idea of a clear career path. I’m a keen marathon runner and the clear, long-term targets in recruitment appealed to that side of me.

What do you enjoy about it today?

I like really getting to know companies. I didn’t know much about electronics when I started but I’ve enjoyed learning about the subject and getting to know candidates throughout their contracting careers. It’s always exciting and new but with a long-term goal too.

Would you like to try another sector?

I’ve gone from electronic engineers to more senior appointments and I’m always on the look-out for a new sector within electronics. I wouldn’t rule out trying a completely different thing either though!

IRP Award Winner

What do you find most challenging?

The technical side of things at first definitely. And also learning how to put the best candidates forward and understanding what clients need has been a learning curve. I realised a year after I first started that sometimes you have to take time to explain to a manager why they should interview someone who might not look as good on paper as someone else. As you gain experience you intuitively understand more about who will be a better fit and how to explain that to someone.

Do you have any particularly memorable placements?

When someone isn’t initially selected for interview and then they eventually get the role after you’ve persuaded the manager to see them, that’s very satisfying. I’ve enjoyed seeing some people embarking nervously on a contract career after being redundant and then start to really enjoy it.

What would you be if you weren’t in recruitment?

Something to do with sport! I’d maybe give marathon running a go, or help sports companies with marketing or something like that. I’m really passionate about all things sports-related. You’ve probably noticed!

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