Marketing your Recruitment Company – 5 tips for promoting your business.

By Daniel Briggs | Blue Octopus Marketing Manager

Marketing is extremely important in the recruitment industry, but it is often neglected by recruiters as they are often driven by their next placement or an upcoming deal. As the marketing of the business happens much earlier in the process it is very easily forgotten, customers need to be drawn to your company and the best way to do this is through effective marketing.


Marketing your recruitment business is a very successful way of driving more inbound leads and, by promoting your company, you can also gain vital brand awareness which helps to raise your profile. Remember, you have to engage your audience at least 5 times before they remember your brand, so promoting your company on a range of platforms can significantly contribute to raising awareness.

Below is a list of platforms that have helped me to generate brand awareness and assist with the promotion of our recruitment business (Some of these will only be relevant for online recruitment companies):

newsletter social rss blogwww

Website promotion
The first platform may seem like the most obvious, but you would be surprised by how many recruitment companies don’t invest in their websites. As the recruitment industry adjusts to have more focus online, as do the advertising and marketing industries.

Within the first quarter of 2013, online ad revenue is already up by 16% (According to IAB Internet Advertising Revenue Report).

Companies will gain a larger ROI by spending their advertising and marketing budgets on these online formats; your website being the most important of these.

Get Blogging
Blogs are a great way to add new content to your website, which will in turn boost your website rankings and help you to promote the skills and knowledge within your organisation.

RSS Feeds
RSS feeds are an excellent way to post job vacancies and advertise roles that you are trying to fill.  It’s a quick and easy option to utilise as you won’t have to manually post these, they will be pulled directly from an updated feed on your website.

Get social
Social networks aren’t the be-all and end-all of marketing, but they can be a great addition to your strategy and the best thing about them..? They’re free! Social networks provide a great opportunity to connect with candidates and clients on a more personal level. Here at Blue Octopus we have noticed a large increase of website hits since we have started utilising various social platforms and it is definitely worth adding ‘share’ buttons to your website and blog so that your content can reach a larger audience.

Also, a lot of recruiters still aren’t utilising LinkedIn to its full effect, you can read about how to do this in our previous blogtopus.

Keep your candidates and clients up to date with vacancies, company success, news and informative documents. A lot of companies lose touch with their clients, I feel it is really important to keep them in the loop as the most positive form of marketing is word of mouth through a client referral.

To assist you with the promotion on all of these platforms, you will need a strong marketing plan to influence your topics; without this, you might start repeating yourself or struggling to create interesting content.

Article written by Daniel Briggs | Marketing Manager at Blue Octopus

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