Judges top tips for entering the IRP Awards 2013: step-by-step

IRP Awards 2013

Time is running out to get your entries in for the 2013 IRP awards. You’ve already done the hard work, now you just need to put it in writing and create an award winning submission. You can submit your award entry today on the IRP Awards website and to help you get started, our panel of expert judges have put together their top tips for getting your entry noticed:

IRP-judges-tips Watch the judges tips video

1.       Time management: Allow plenty of time to consider and develop your entry
Ensure that you meet the deadline date – you don’t get a second chance and ensure you give yourself enough time to write a quality submission that really showcases your achievements.

2.       Preparation: Read the criteria and rules beforehand
Read the small print and always supply images, additional documents and relevant testimonials when asked. Make sure you fully understand the category you are entering and tailor your information to suit the criteria.

Your project summary must have a clear form and layout with a beginning, middle and an end. The beginning should set out the objectives clearly, the middle should explain the strategy, and the end should reveal the results.

3.       Think about your audience: The judges consist of industry experts and employers
Focus on what the judges are actually asking for in the judging criteria. Make sure the submission is succinct, clear and easy to understand. Make you entry interesting and engaging – bland, poorly written copy isn’t going to excite the judges or grab their attention. Inject some enthusiasm into your application and tell the judges what it would mean if you or your company won the award and give us the story behind why you deserve to win your award category.

4.       Numbers: Include real figures that can be substantiated
You must support your application with evidence. Don’t exaggerate, lie or include spurious claims, as judges will see through them.

5.       Shout loud and clear: Highlight your achievements
This is the one opportunity you have to really showcase the great work that your business has done over the last year. Be proud of what you have achieved!

6.       Word count: Don’t go over the word count
Ensure that you keep to the word count. If you are asked for 250 words, stick to it – the judges will be put off by waffling and lengthy submissions so be clear and concise.

7.       Proof reading: Check and double check
Once you’ve written your rough draft submission, read it several times and cut out any unwanted information. This will make it much clearer. It’s also a good idea to get someone who hasn’t been directly involved to cast their fresh eyes over it to double-check clarity.

Good luck and remember you’ve got to be in it to win it!

Entry deadline: 30 August 2013, for more information or to enter a category visit www.rec-awards.com

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