Top 10 leadership quotes to help shape a future leader

Ever wondered how successful leaders get it right?, take a look at our top 10 leadership quotes that help us look at how to grow, change and to become the best recruitment leader.

As-we-look-head---Bill-gates-RBABill Bradly

Leadership-is-influence Maxwell Buying into leader RBA - John Maxwell 10.RBA - John Maxwell RBA - Warren Bennis08. RBA - leadership quote Carter RBA - leadership quote Jack WelchThe-key-to-successful-leadership---RBA

The REC are now running an Advanced Leadership in recruitment programme that helps to give senior and experienced leaders the opportunity to take a fresh view of their personal leadership style and the impact they are having on the organisation. The programme encourages a higher level of thinking about leadership and how leadership impacts issues such as, relationship building, corporate culture, vision and the future, authentic influencing & succession planning.

Visit to find out more or call your account manager to book your place today.

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