Behind the scenes at the Institute of Recruitment Professionals – Things I Know

Recruitment Matters interview with Marios Georgiou,founder of Step Teachers

A CV isn’t always the best indicator of talent

On paper people might have all the right qualifications but you meet them and realise they’re not right at all right for a role. Nowhere is this more true than in teaching. People have to be able to have a rapport with the students or students just won’t listen. I know the value of a CV in teaching better than anyone, because on paper I was really well qualified to teach. But as soon as I’d done my training I realised it just wasn’t for me and moved into teaching recruitment instead.

It’s important to take risks sometimes

I had a conversation at a Christmas party with a colleague about how we thought we could provide a better service for our clients and thought nothing more would come of it. The next day he came to me and reminded me that we’d decided to set up our own business the night before. I went downstairs, by chance saw an offer from First Direct for an unsecured loan (back when they still offered that sort of thing to anyone!) and, still in my dressing gown, organised a loan and we set up our own business. Today I have 25 staff and two branches.

Clients love to talk

So do I, so that’s good! One of the reasons I love my job is because I like to chat. In the past, most of the people in schools who spoke to recruiters were deputy heads and people who didn’t have much time, but today it’s more often secretaries and people in admin, and they are usually keen to chat. It’s really important to develop a good relationship.

Trying different things is a good thing

I used to work as an estate agent and I found there were transferrable skills. Essentially you introduce two people to each other (or one person and a house/school) and see if they match. You have to understand what people want.

Family is important

My friend and I lived with my parents for a year when we first set up the business, working out of a shed in the garden (in our suits, mind) and eating with my mum and dad. I think because of that I’ve always tried to keep a supportive, family vibe going throughout the company.

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Recruitment Matters – Oct 2013

2 thoughts on “Behind the scenes at the Institute of Recruitment Professionals – Things I Know

  1. Like you mentioned about CV’s not always being the best indicator of talent, sometimes you need to actually meet people and discuss their skills with them….you never know what experience they might have that isn’t listed on their CV!

    1. This is true. CV’s do not always do a candidate justice. Many applicants skills lie in thier professional role and not in CV crafting. As an agency that specialises in social care recruitment, we often find that our candidates are often excellent care professionals but not always excellent at selling themselves to a new employer- either on CV or at interview. This is where we can help them to show themselves in the best light!
      Click for jobs in social care, healthcare, childcare and education.

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