Good chemistry – Vicki Walker winner of Permanent Consultant of the Year and Overall Recruiter of the Year at the IRP Awards

Good chemistry

IRP Awards - Winners Stories
IRP Awards – Winners Stories


This month Recruitment Matters Magazine speaks to Vicki Walker, 27, of science-based recruiter the CK Group, who won Permanent Consultant of the Year and Overall Recruiter of the Year at December’s IRP awards…

RM: Well done! How did you feel when you learnt that you had won?

I wasn’t expecting it at all. I was a bit late to the stage I was so shellshocked!

RM: Why do you think you won?

VW: I’ve been trying hard to really listen and build good relationships, and I think that was the main thing people noticed. One client wrote me a testimonial for the awards in which he said that I had reminded him of something he had mentioned a few months earlier that even he had forgotten about. He was impressed by that I think.

RM: You’ve been described as both very professional and very friendly. Is it hard to strike a good balance?

VW: When I first started I was almost too professional. But recently I’ve mellowed a bit and tried hard to build friendly relationships. However, I still think professionalism has to be first and foremost – learning as much as you can about the company, making sure everything is clear both to clients and candidates and so on.

RM: How did you get into recruitment?

VW: I did a chemistry degree and I wanted to use that somehow, but not in a lab. I felt that would be too isolated, and the people side of the job is now one of the things I enjoy most.

RM: What would you be if you weren’t in recruitment?

VW: I considered teaching. And I like reading, so maybe a copywriter or proof-reader of some kind.

RM: Tell us something about you your colleagues don’t know.

VW: I’m really into swing dancing. I go away for swing dancing weekends and everything. My colleagues are laughing at me now as I’m telling you this!

To see a full list of the winners go to

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