Dynamite delivery, Matt Fox, managing director at Dynamite Recruitment – IRP winners

Matt Fox, managing director at Dynamite Recruitment Solutions,
won Best Client and Candidate Experience at the IRP Awards
Recruitment Matters Magazine March 2014.

Congratulations on winning Best Client and Candidate Experience at the IRP Awards 2013! What do you think it was about Dynamite’s approach that helped you win?

Hopefully it was the quality of the team that forms Dynamite and the talent of the individuals. Two of our clients wrote some very complimentary testimonials, focusing in particular on Jodie Rafferty, our associate director. That’s what made it so nice really, that it was the clients themselves who wrote the testimonials.

IRP Awards - Winners Stories
IRP Awards – Winners Stories

What did they say?

Essentially that our service was second to none. And that the people were passionate and honest. There were specific incidences where I think they felt we’d done more than some recruitment firms would have done. And Jodie manages relationships with a lot of our key clients, so she was integral to that service.

Any particular examples?

Yes, we did things like setting up car sharing schemes for candidates and employees, to make sure they arrived on time. We helped clients improve their green credentials. We went on site to deliver instructions to the temporary staff we had provided to ensure they knew the basics of the company and what they were doing, which helped to reduce training times for the client. Things like that.

You mentioned honesty. How important is that?

So important. We’re a small team – there are 12 of us – and we are always honest about who we are and what we try to achieve. Are we an agency who will try to jam a round peg into a square hole? Absolutely not. We’re much more about suitability than just filling a role. We have been known to cancel interviews at the last minute if we start to feel the interviewee just isn’t right and will reflect on us badly. But of course we will always then try to find someone who is right for that role.

How did you decide to set up your own business?

I’ve been in recruitment for about 13 years and I set up Dynamite two and a half years ago now. People said you must be mad to be setting up in such a tricky economic climate. I suppose it was a big risk but I never saw it like that, because I always saw that there was a place for a recruitment firm that would go out of its way to be better than its competitors.

For more information about the IRP Awards click here.

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