How to write an award winning entry – the perfect mix!

Did you read our recent blog “An Industry Award Can Do Wonders for You and Your Employer” where we helped you understand the tangible benefits of an IRP Award submission? You did? Well now that you have reached the conclusion to take the giant leap and enter the awards, we offer you the secret recipe on how to write an award winning submission. Remember you have to be in it to win it!

The submission—scary thought, right?

Beads of sweat start appearing and you’re slightly put off with the thought of writing a submission. Fear not, my recruitment professional we have the perfect ingredients to make sure you create the winning entry!

The perfect mix: 

  1. Preparation – Make sure you get all you ingredients together first. Prepare your evidence so you can complete it in a timely manner.
  2. A good base mix – a good base mix always helps with all recipes so make sure you get the measures of INTRODUCTION to your business and BACKGROUND perfect, be specific and concise.
  3. Add your binding ingredient – to bind it all together, you’ll need bullets explaining the CONTENT and EASE OF USE to the customer of your product/campaign/individual/team or service.
  4. Mix it all together – slowly adding in bullets on EFFECTIVENESS, two-parts DEVELOPMENT or IMPROVEMENT i.e. before and after.
  5. Bake your cake – adding WHY YOU THINK YOU SHOULD WIN and ‘because you are great’ is not a recommended answer.

Serving suggestions:

  1. Don’t rush and remember who your audience is
  2. Back up with stats and facts
  3. Be clear about your achievements, avoid jargon and stick to the word count
  4. Proof read again and again and again!

The Institute of Recruitment Professionals annual award entries are now open. The submission deadline is 3rd September with shortlisting on 18th September. The awards evening will take place on the 5th December at the Park Plaza Westminster Bridge Hotel, London. Click here to ENTER NOW and for more information visit

Best of LUCK from the IRP team.


One thought on “How to write an award winning entry – the perfect mix!

  1. There are lots of things you can do to give your entry the best chance of win :

    Read the instructions
    Hit the deadline
    Get the judges’ attention
    Hit the judging criteria

    when entering:

    Trust the judges
    Don’t do it on the side
    Put people in it
    Look at last year’s winners
    Keep it brief

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