Balloons, cakes and a very happy 5th birthday to the IRP

Last week saw the Institute of Recruitment Professionals’ (IRP) turn five. It is safe to say we couldn’t move from the amount of cake that had been consumed, but during our food induced comas, we were able to fondly reflect on all of the IRPs achievements over the last five years.

Under Kevin Green our Chief Executive’s leadership, the IRP was launched in 2009. Many will not be aware that in fact the original heritage of the IRP came from the Institute of Employment Consultants (IEC) that had been around since 1963. Even back then the IEC’s purpose was to enhance knowledge, skills and the reputation of its members, gaining charitable status for the purposes of education. These principles built the foundations of what the institute still stands for today and it’s been a busy journey ever since.

The IRP requires all its members to operate within the IRP Code of Ethics promoting transparency, diversity and respect within its parameters. We are proud to say that 5,750 IRP professionals operate with these ideals in mind each and every day. Another core objective is to help build professionalism via qualifications and training. With 4,823 Certificate in Recruitment Practice courses passed and qualifications being completed in 32 countries around the world, we think we are well on our way. A very successful milestone attained recently is the new Apprenticeships in Recruitment, which will help deliver fresh new talent into the industry.

The IRP is not only supported by individuals, corporate businesses are also seeing IRP membership as a valuable tool when diversifying from competitors. There are 120 IRP Advocate businesses so far and this is rapidly growing.

As you are reading this blog we can tell you that 50,000 other people have also viewed the ‘I Love Recruitment’ blog and we have an impressive social media community of 7,000 professionals.

Most importantly this is YOUR professional institute, here to support you when you need us throughout your career. We pride ourselves on being within the top 10% of European Service Providers with regards to member satisfaction, so if you ever think there is something we can’t help you with, just take a look at our Birthday Infographic to see just how much we can.

Feel free to share your birthday wishes with our #IRP5thBDAY or if you are interested in membership and being a part of this professional community click here.

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