Top 4 reasons to consider in-company training

Imagine all the fun of learning, but without the nuisance of movement.

That’s one of the many conveniences of the REC’s in-company training: It’s workplace teaching that turns your staff into superheroes without you doing much of anything.

We invite you to sit back and prepare to do absolutely nothing, because nothing could be better for your business than in-company training. Here are four reasons why:

1) No, seriously, you don’t have to move

The beauty of in-company training lies in its name: it’s in¬-company. We mitigate the need to haul staff into the back of a minivan and ship them across town. Our classroom comes to you.

You get to enjoy all the benefits and accessibility of learning your own office. You are always close at hand if you need to backflip back to your desks and save the world. (Presuming, of course, you’re in the lucrative Saving the World sector.)

It’s perfect for those with offices off the beaten track who may not have access to training facilities—we’re looking at you, Desert in the Middle of Nowhere Recruitment Ltd.

2) Like a fine Italian suit, it’s made to fit

In-company is fit for service and entirely malleable. You can discuss your goals and aspirations with one of our training heroes (more on them in a second) and they will tailor a course to suit.

They will measure your company’s inseam and produce a course that works in all the right places.

What we can’t promise you is an abundance of pants-related puns. You can have those here for free.

3) Have your own Yoda

Our trainers are sharp as tacks. They’re smart, savvy, and perceptive. They’ll burrow deep into your soul and colour your ambitions any shade of the spectrum.

(That’s a flowery way of saying they know their stuff.)

Our trainers pride themselves on being the best. They know their subjects like the back of your hand – and someone else’s hand too. They are engaging, erudite, and everything you want them to be.

4) It’s cheaper

In-company training doesn’t cost the world – which is good, because only Bond villains are bold enough to use Planet Earth as currency.

Rather than have you fork out for facilities, catering, and other excesses like a course-related slip-n-slide and a tailored concert from Phil Collins, you can save. We offer the bare necessities, letting you get down to what you’re there to do: learn.

It’s intimate and smart without foisting “In the Air Tonight” upon you during lunch.

In-company training is the smart and easy way to up-skill your staff without the bells and whistles. It’s sharp, it’s direct, and it’s designed with you in mind.  Let our world-class trainers take you to the save the planet…

… or at the very least help your business make money. Click here to find out more.

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