Top 5 quotes from Johnny Campbell and “Google” Dave Hazelhurst

What do you get when you combine a sourcing ninja with a Google wizard? A sentence that wouldn’t have made sense a decade ago.

But we live in a time where online recruitment isn’t the preserve of self-professed “tech gurus”. It’s an important tool in the kit of every recruiter.

There are no better proponents of this than Johnny Campbell and “Google” Dave Hazelhurst. These two gentlemen have brought social recruiting into the limelight and changed the way we consider filling vacancies.

We’ve lovingly compiled five of their best ideas. If they sound good, why not hear them – and so much more – in person at one of their REC Sourcing Talent events? Tickets are selling fast (one event has already sold out), so get ’em while the gettin’s good.

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Click here to book your tickets to hear both Johnny and Dave outline their approach to social recruitment

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