Why recruiters should read the REC’s research

The REC recently produced a piece of research about flexible jobs. It explained why workers in Britain choose to work in temporary, freelance, and contract positions. It drew upon worker motivations, which received scant attention in the past. Equipped with that insight, recruiters now have a new tool in their arsenal for bringing candidates to clients.

And for IRP members it’s free to download, so we thought we’d share with you some more thoughts about how important research can be to you. You can have a look at the research available on the IRP website if you so desire.

Gone are the days of dry text-heavy reports. Employment research is on the cutting edge of important ideas and concepts. Every recruiter would be wise to gain as much insight as possible about their industry.

Here are three reasons why you should take a little bit of time to read a piece of recruitment research.

1) It brings the new to light

The first and most obvious reason is that research exposes you to new and interesting ideas. The UK workforce of 2014 is very different from 2009. As the economy continues to recover, it’s vital to have a good lay of the land.

REC research offers intriguing insights into the nature of the 2014 workforce. It eliminates guesswork and explains in simple terms how workers and employers are behaving.

If you have an idea of the motivations of a candidate (or anyone in his/her demographic) you are in the best position to find them the best position. That works for them, and works for the client who ends up getting the right worker.

2) It challenges perceptions

Not only does research expose you to new ideas, it asks you to think critically. Many recruiters develop an incontrovertible ‘sixth sense’ about the industry: that clients only want candidates with certain skills, that there is a shortage of workers in particular sectors, or that some clients only hire during certain periods of the year. It’s a stubbornness that often flies in the face of reality.

The fact is research – good, well-sourced, well-argued research – doesn’t play favourites. It deals with facts. It is an objective insight into the way the industry lives and breathes.

Recruiters are wise to take these insights on board, especially if they push them to consider a different point of view. In a industry that is prone to all kinds of fluctuations, it is important to be nimble and open to change.

3) It’s just plain interesting

Did you know that:

  • 47% of employers list “attitude” as the most important feature in hiring someone under the age of 25?
  • 40% of UK workers are considering temporary work?
  • 82% of businesses use temporary workers for short-term skills?

It’s the sort of insight that introduces new ideas, challenges the way you think, and is just interesting to know. The REC releases a statistic every week (look out for the hashtag #StatoftheWeek) that is a nice bit of info. You can dabble it out at parties, to clients, your children, strangers, and everyone else (pets are particularly receptive).

4) Sign me up!

Take a wander down the path to the REC’s research section by clicking here. And if you want to indulge your research tooth on something meatier, read our latest piece of research on why temporary workers choose to work the way they do. It has pictures, videos, and words. It’s a feast of information, and ideal for impressing all and sundry.

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