Why we’re IRP Advocates: Phillip Higgins from Rullion Engineering Limited

Being an IRP Advocate means investing in your people. It’s the best way of being an employer of choice in the recruitment industry.

Phillip Higgins from Rullion Engineering Limited explains why his recruiment business chose to join the IRP Advocacy programme.

What does being an ‘employer of choice’ mean to your business?

Employer of choice means you’re a go-to employer, rather than having to go out into the market and having to seek people. In a candidate-led market, it means people should want to join us rather than us convincing them to join you.

We’re putting professional qualifications and training at the top, so we attract the best possible candidates in the industry and, importantly, keep them. We’re continually employing graduates who are seeking structure and training with a qualification at the end of it, which the IRP Certificate in Recruitment Practice offers.

Why do you think it is important that your staff are IRP members?

From an individual perspective, it demonstrates our commitment to staff and heightens their professional pride. That is something they can talk to their clients about in relation to their client. They can talk to clients and candidates about their level of professionalism. It gives them the tools they need in order to perform the roles we employ them for. It’s almost like a badge of honour.

“We receive tender opportunities that ask about IRP membership.”

What are the benefits to your business of enrolling your staff on to IRP qualifications?

1) We are investing in talent, retention, and driving professionalism within our

2) We can present to our clients both new and existing that we are committed to
driving professionalism.

We receive tender opportunities that ask about IRP membership and clearly when a client asks about that they are interested in professional standards. When a client doesn’t ask, we submit that information to them.

The IRP is all about ensuring quality processes are followed through. We work in areas were compliance is critical.The IRP certificate and Membership augments that compliance culture.

Looking to become an employer of choice and set your business apart from your competitors?

Give the IRP a call today and see how your staff and your retention levels could benefit as a result of IRP Advocacy.

Call 020 7009 2100, email info@rec-irp.uk.com, or visit rec-irp.uk.com/advocacy

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