What I know – Harris Keillar, managing director at Keillar Resourcing

It’s more than money

I obviously think I’m a great recruiter, though there are many who are financially more successful. The differentiator is genuinely being interested in both client and candidate and getting the right person for the role.

Don’t just think outside the box – live outside it

How can I possibly say no to that! It is important as people move for different reasons so it’s important we get as much information as possible on what motivates a candidate – especially if they’re moving to a role that is broadly similar to what they have already.

The most important tool a recruiter can have

Phones are ideal in a sense because you’re then able to get more information. Someone might see a role advertised and think, ‘Woah, I hadn’t thought of that’ and within a phone call the ball is rolling.

Email is fantastic in terms of updating and confirming things, not to mention registering interest, but the phone is absolutely essential. I come into my office some days and it’s like a 1960’s typing pool, clakity clak.

You could spend hours trying to chase someone over email for a CV, but with a phone call it can be done within two minutes.

Linking in on LinkedIn

Social media, in particular LinkedIn, is probably our best friend and our biggest enemy. We’re able to access an enormous global database of individuals, but everyone else can use it as well. The quality of a recruitment business’ database used to be the big thing, but it’s not as important as it once was.

A sale unlike any other

When recruitment is great, it’s fantastic; though it’s a role where your ability to influence is much less than you think – and it’s also the only sales job where the solution can turn round and say no!

I don’t have any rose-tinted views of what recruitment was like in the proverbial good ‘ol days, because some pretty rubbishy things happened then, as they sometimes do now. But I think in order to enjoy the job after 32 years, you have to be interested in both candidates and clients, clients and candidates. You can’t be horrible to one and nice to the other, otherwise it will come back to bite you.

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