What’s the most unusual position you have placed a candidate?

We asked some of our Institute of Recruitment Professionals members to list the ups and downs of working in the recruitment industry. But we’re nothing if not curious, so we threw in a cheeky question about the unusual role they have ever placed a candidate in.

Here are our top 10 responses.    

1. Zombie clown

zombie clown

2. Crematorium DJ! (Somebody who turns the music on for funeral services)

3. Chefs in the sky

4. Lab Technician focusing on earthworm studies

5. Belly dancer with a snake (And thy filled the position!)

6. Santa and his elves (for Santa’s Grotto)


7. PA for a playboy

8. Plumber for British Antarctic Survey for a 6 month contract on the South Pole

9. Warehouse Manager for a Pornography Distribution Company

10. support engineer in Antarctica for a survey company

We still want more.. what is the strangest placement you have made?



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