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Last week we announced the launch of our IRP Professional Portal. The portal will hosts a number of IRP Professional Guides which will provide useful hints and tips to assist you in your everyday role as a recruiter, manager, business owner or resourcer. Our objective is to share some of the collective knowledge we have gained as the largest individual institute, with our members. We’ve spent the past couple of months compiling a list of relevant key subjects and broken them down into three core categories (below).

Your Career
Focused on helping you to improve your career prospects by giving you all the essential tools a recruiter needs to progress in the industry. They aim to help improve your promotional prospects, gain more confidence as a recruiter, develop your own personal branding and get the best people to work with you.

Your Membership
The IRP gives you a host of different tools and resources that you can use every day. Whether that’s making sure that you are up to date with the legal side of recruitment through our online legal guide, or what the IRP Code of Professional Ethics can do for your chances of winning big business, it’s all there for you.

Your Profession
As a recruiter you want your candidates and clients to see you as a professional consultant with a wealth of knowledge and experience. This section gives you advice on objection handling, how to write an effective job description, building the best relationships with your clients and top tips on how to help candidates write the best CV.

We will be bringing you new guides every month so that the portal is constantly updated with fresh content. And we’re flexible, so if you have a suggestion or idea for one of guides please email

Why not log on now and take a look around

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