Top 5 Reasons to Enrol in the Level 4 Diploma in Recruitment Management

If you’re an experienced recruiter looking for something to lift your career to the next level, the Level 4 Diploma in Recruitment Management is just the ticket.

“Excuse me, I Love Recruitment, sir.  My name’s Little Billy and I’m a recruiter-type guy.”

Why, hello there Billy. You look like you’re in the market for a qualification?

“I sure am, mister. I’ve been recruiting kids to my sandbox for the last four-five years, but I keep getting clients picked off. Those kids down by the mud puddle are scooping up the bestest talent.”

You mean ‘best talent’?

“That’s what I said: bestest.”

Sounds like you need something to boost your career a little.

“I’ll say. But aren’t those diploma-thinga-majigs hard to get?”

Not at all, Billy. Let me rap it to you.

“No, don’t. You’re old.”

That’s cold, Billy. Cold. But here are five reasons you should enrol in a Level 4 Diploma in Recruitment Management.

1) Study when it suits

Billy, you can start your Level 4 Diploma anytime, and almost anywhere. You have four years to complete the qualification, and you can even pick when you sit your exams.

It’s a qualification tailored to suit the most frenetic sandcastle-building lifestyle.

2) Letters

Billy, everyone who finishes the Level 4 Diploma gets to add DipRM to the end of their name. They’ll also become either a member of fellows of the IRP, depending on their experience.

“Can I call myself a SUPER recruiter, mister?”

No, Billy. But being a member or fellow is close enough.

“Nuts. I’m gonna do it anyway.”

3) Discounts

Billy, I know that pocket money is scarce.

“The lawn mowing racket ain’t what it used to be either, mister.”

But fear not. The Level 4 Diploma in Recruitment Management is affordable. Employers who buy between five and nine units will get a five per cent discount. Those buying ten or more will get a 10 per cent discount.

And here’s something even a kid like you will love. If you enrol for eight units, you’ll only pay for six.

“Wow! That’s…um… one… two…THIS many free!”

Eight for the price of six, Billy. You can’t go wrong with that.

4) Personable

The IRP will guide you along every step of the way, Billy. Every student gets their own personal study coach, plus a comprehensive study guide and set of learning materials. The only thing you need to do is put the time and effort in.

“Oh phooey, I want my diploma now!”

Time and effort is all it takes, Billy. And your personal study coach will monitor your progress, ensuring you never miss a step.

“Like Batman.”

Yes. Like Batman.

5) It will improve your career

Billy, say hello to this former student.

“Hi, former student.”

They recently finished the Level 4 Diploma and, well, something wonderful took place.

“I was the ­first to undertake the course in my company and gained MIRP status and a promotion as a result.”

Whatcha think of that, Billy?

[Billy stands bug-eyed and speechless]

Exactly. What do you say, champ? How about signing up for a Level 4 Diploma in Recruitment Management?

“I’ve already got the form, mister. Do you have any crayons? I need to write my name.”

Oh, Billy, you scamp.


If you want to join Billy and take your career to the next level, click here to find out more about the IRP’s Level 4 Diploma in Recruitment Management.

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