New year, new start, new recruiter …

Is your 2015 off to a great start? Do you need some inspiration to get that candidate you have been working with? Or some extra tips on getting that perfect client?

Training is probably not high on your agenda, but just think what it would be like to come into the office and win more business and see commission rates rise. At the Recruitment Business Academy (RBA), we receive feedback all the time about how training has helped to motivate and inspire recruiters.

So what’s so good about this training? The RBA has years of experience behind it. We understand the industry and we understand the role of a recruiter. That’s the important part – our training programmes are written by trainers with many years of recruitment experience for recruiters.

Our courses cover everything you need to know about legal, operations, management and marketing. It’s easy to book, so download the latest RBA training calendar at

But why stop there? Qualifications are a great way to demonstrate that you are a qualified recruiter. We offer qualifications at Level 2, 3, and Level 4 (QCF). Find out more at

Don’t let the year pass by without boosting your career.

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