Recruitment Matters – Zoe Crawley one of first to receive the new Level 4 Diploma in Recruitment Management (QCF)

Recruitment Matters caught up with Zoe Crawley from LeapFrog, who is one of the first students to receive the new Level 4 Diploma in Recruitment Management (QCF). 

zoe crawley

RM: Congratulations on being one of the first recruiters to get one of the new Level 4 Diplomas in Recruitment Management. What made you choose the course?

I’ve always been keen to take on extra study, and after studying for the Certificate in Recruitment Practice, I thought the next best step would be to take on the diploma.

RM: Being based in Guernsey must mean you cover some interesting sectors?

The majority of our clients are finance-based, but having said that we cover a lot within that, like banking and trust funds. My specific area is the temp desk – and I run that myself and oversee all the work there. I spend a lot of time thinking on my feet, but it’s good to self-manage. Every day is different: Sometimes you come into work with a plan to find it blown out of the water, but that’s the fun of the job.

RM: How has the past 12 months been?

It’s been really busy. We weren’t hit as badly the UK by the recession – the Guernsey market slowed down slightly, but we still had a good flow of candidates coming in. But in the last year we’ve had an influx of more candidates. We’ve got a lot of potential for the New Year.

RM: What prompted you to choose recruitment as a career?

I did a history degree, and the main point I got form that was communication and research skills were important. I wanted to get into a job that used those skills. When the opportunity came up to work at LeapFrog, I jumped at it.

RM: What advice would you give yourself on your first day?

Always ask lots of questions and build upon on every kind of experience you have because every experience you have will be positive in the long run.

A huge congratulation to Zoe!

If you want to learn more about IRP Qualifications, click here for some more information.

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