It’s National Apprenticeship Week!

IRP apprenticeships

Did you know it’s National Apprenticeship Week? We’ve got a packed schedule of activity planned to tell you all about our fantastic recruitment apprenticeship programme.

Read the case study of Moe Rahman, who has had great success as a recruitment apprentice at IQ Education:
“You can do as much as an apprentice as your colleagues – you’re not treated like you’re some kind of school kid. You’re supported, and everybody is really helpful”

“I was surprised – you would never think an apprentice would have this much responsibility. I’m expected to do the same as everyone else. My assessor has been really good, really helpful. If I want to have a chat on the phone with her at any time, I can. She also visits me once a month and we discuss everything. It’s all been spot on – she knows exactly where to direct me, which has been great”

We’ve also created a great video featuring Angela Middleton of MiddletonMurray, one of the apprenticeship providers we work in partnership with. Angela discusses what a recruitment business can expect in hiring an apprentice, what the great benefits are and also the process MiddletonMurray goes through with their recruitment apprentices.

We’re celebrating all things apprenticeships and want to share with you how important recruitment apprenticeships are for our industry. One of the biggest struggles recruitment faces is that it is often not regarded as a career choice. It has been seen as an industry that people fall into rather than a positive career move, and this negative perception is damaging our industry.

We want to change this! We know that recruitment is a career of choice for young people and apprenticeships have a key part to play in getting this message across.

Recruitment is a booming industry in the UK, with almost 100,000 employees and it is currently worth £28.7 billion and we predict a 9% growth this year and next year. As Moe says “Recruitment is an industry where change is possible”

One of the most exciting things about recruitment as a career is that you are not tied down to one sector. You can work for any sector out there, allowing you to become an expert in a variety of different fields. We think this makes for an exciting and varied career for anyone.

So this week, get involved! We want to hear from you, so keep an eye on our Twitter account (@recirp) and join the conversation using #NAW 2015.

Let’s show that by undertaking an apprenticeship in recruitment, you’re building a career.

Find out more about apprenticeships in recruitment here

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