Recruitment Matters: Francesca Piccolo

Resourcing Group’s Francesca Piccolo won Recruiter of the Year at the 2014 IRP Awards and spoke to Recruitment Matters about her win and what lies ahead for 2015. 


Recruitment Matters: Congratulations on your win, how was 2014 for you?

Francesca: Thank you – it was definitely a highlight of what was a remarkable year. I was promoted, and now run the London Maintenance Division of Resourcing Group, leading a team of 14 consultants.

RM: You’ve worked for Resourcing Group for seven years – what sectors do you cover? 

F: Resourcing Group is a specialist recruiter operating in three core markets: construction and property, building maintenance and the public sector. The maintenance division—which I run—is the market leader in the supply of talent to maintenance contractors working in the public sector.

RM: What are some of the biggest challenges in recruiting for your sector? 

F: Candidate supply. There are real shortages across the maintenance sector, this is amplified by specific skills and experience our candidates need to be able to effectively work in a social housing environment, with many involving work in tenanted properties.

RM: What is the biggest challenge facing the recruitment industry in 2015? 

F: As the economy strengthens, recruiters will need to increase focus and knowledge to meet client and candidate expectations. Recruiters will need to understand their markets inside and out from the latest technology developments to understanding individual client needs. By taking the time to understand the motivations and challenges of everyone involved in the process this will assist in the creation of long term relationships.

RM: What advice would you give your younger self on her first day? 

F: Trust your instincts. Sure there will be knockbacks along the way but don’t be discouraged, think about the long term and it will all work out. Also don’t be afraid to pick up the phone – no call will ever be that bad!

RM: What does 2015 hold?  

F: It’s really only just started and job volumes are up and the confidence we saw return to the market seems to be continuing to grow. For Resourcing Group it will be a year of expansion with two new offices already in the planning and there will be an expansion of our core offering.

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