Why recruiters should run for REC Council election

Just in case you’ve been away, or somehow missed the news, we are here to tell you all about the upcoming elections. No, not which political party should be in charge, this is much more important than that! The REC is holding the 15th Annual General Meeting to appoint new Council members and you – yes, you – can put yourself forward.

With all the current talk of elections it is easy to ask ‘what are they going to do for me?’ Well now you can help shape the recruitment industry and your career. Jobs are hot on people’s lips and recruitment will continue to shape how the UK gets back to work and the REC council is the cog that keeps that big wheel turning.


Here’s why you – yes, you – should run for Council election:

The REC council makes you look good. One of the benefits of being an IRP member is you always have someone behind you who works for your interests. Everything the REC Council does is based around two key principles: to be the voice of the industry and to professionalise the industry.

Demanding high standards assures confidence in the industry. Employers and candidates can be sure their interests are taken care of by the best. That assurance manifests itself into money. The REC Council sets the bar for the recruitment industry. The Council’s pursuit of quality ensures the industry is in tip-top shape and you – yes, you – can help make a difference.

The REC Council is a cosmopolitan mix of people from all kinds of industries. The council enjoys the benefits of a unique set of skills and experiences. The REC lobbies on behalf of all sectors, so it’s imperative it has the right people, with the right backgrounds. If you want to be the voice for your sector, speak up and run for council.

You need to be informed, really, you do. You’re a go-getter, hungry for success, on top of your game in the best industry in the world. You understand the recruitment industry like nobody’s business, but guess what, it isn’t enough. It’s time you get the full picture on the industry.

The REC Council defines recruitment policy and its influence carries tremendous weight. Now we have your attention, we need you – yes, you – to run for council. Don’t suffer in silence as people who don’t share your passion try to get elected. It could be the difference between propelling your career forward or looking for a new one.


A recent REC Jobs Outlook reported that 9/10 employers will increase or retain permanent workers. While the economy continues to grow after the recession, employment is still going to be the driver to get the UK right back on track. The REC meets with MPs and government officials on a regular basis. It is the voice of the industry and has the trust of those in Westminster. The unique perspective each candidate brings will shape how the REC engages with government.

So what are you waiting for, the time has come to run for the REC Council. Register your interest here. If you’d like more information, give the REC a call and speak to David Vallance about what the criteria is for joining the REC Council on 020 7009 2100 or email info@rec.uk.com.

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