Talent, Recruitment & Employment Conference 2015 – what can it offer you?


Ever wished you were a fly on the wall at your biggest clients’ office?

One of the toughest challenges a recruiter can face is getting in front of senior HR and Talent professionals – and we think we’ve solved that problem with our Talent, Recruitment & Employment Conference (TREC) 2015.

I Love Recruitment spoke to REC chief executive Kevin Green who told us all about TREC 2015 and what to expect.

Why should a recruiter attend Talent, Recruitment & Employment Conference 2015?

TREC is our flagship event, and is the most important learning event for our members. We’ve developed it to give our members the chance to listen and engage with their senior clients – to see what’s making them tick and the challenges they’re facing in the current market.

With our list of speakers growing by the minute, we’ve already confirmed event chair Neil Morrison, Group HR Director of Penguin Random House and other companies represented include BP, CIPD, Compass Group, Arsenal FC, First Group, TalkTalk, Novartis, Sony Mobile, Ministry of Sound, Regus, the Ministry of Defence, Johnson & Johnson and SAP with more to be announced.

TREC 2015 works alongside our Good Recruitment Campaign which promotes the critical importance good recruitment practice plays in commercial success, and this idea is intrinsically tied into what will be presented on the day.

Throughout a packed day, we’ll present three panels and eight round tables. The panels give you an opportunity to hear directly from your senior clients and engage them by asking questions. The various round tables are more informal affairs – we want you to facilitate discussion and get involved!

What’s going to be covered?

On the day, we’ll be exploring the current talent agenda and the challenges we face in our labour market, asking: “What can be done differently?”

We know that it’s always a challenge to reach passive candidates but have there been any breakthroughs? What are the latest innovations your clients are using?

Our three panels are the columns of the event and cover our key topics – ‘What’s new in talent attraction and employer branding’, ‘Strategic talent sourcing’ and ‘Why providing a fantastic candidate experience is critical’.

What are the significant takeaways from TREC?

Through one intense day you’ll get insights and understanding from your clients – it’s your chance to get in and get the answers you need. You’ll learn more about how to better market your organisation, how you can add value, the importance of preparing candidates and how vital the candidate experience really is.

The best part about TREC is that you still have the chance to hear from other recruitment professionals, to exchange ideas and network, but you’ve also got unprecedented access to your clients and what their challenges are.

So, in a nutshell – TREC 2015 offers you the chance to hear the exclusive insights and challenges your clients are facing and will give you the opportunity to get answers.

It’s not often you get a bunch of senior HR and Talent professionals in one room with recruiters – make sure you take advantage!

Really, what are you waiting for?

Click here to register and receive the early bird discount for IRP and REC members – £299 + VAT if you book before 20th May.

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