Have you considered IRP Advocacy?


We don’t need to tell you that recruitment is an industry all about people and relationships. It’s about showing you’re the best, so that you are trusted to find the best.

BUT – how do you show you are committed to being the best you can be?

Your employees are the cogs driving your business wheel. They are your most important asset and need to feel secure and nurtured. In return, they give you their loyalty and commitment to success.

IRP Advocacy means showing your staff your commitment to them by signing them up for individual IRP membership. It also shows them, along with your clients and candidates, that you are dedicated to championing best practice as a business and are serious about investing in people.

As employees of an IRP Advocate, they receive all the benefits of being an individual IRP member. This includes access to the comprehensive Legal Guide and IRP Legal Bulletin, ensuring they are kept up to date with all relevant changes in legislation. They’ll also sign up to maintain best practice in recruitment through the IRP Code of Ethics, get access to our fantastic IRP Lifestyle benefits and will be kept up to date with all they need to help them on their career path.

But most importantly, they’ll know that you are dedicated to them as employees.

As a business, IRP Advocacy demonstrates to your clients that they are working with a professional and dedicated recruitment organisation and that each individual recruiter is committed to upholding the IRP Code of Ethics.

We spoke to some of our IRP Advocates to find out why they enjoy being IRP Advocates, and what it means for them as a business, as well as for their employees.

Michael Bennett, Managing Director at Rethink Group:

“We have been IRP Advocates since 2009 so we’re early adopters of the programme…we are passionate and committed to it. All of our staff in the UK and internationally are accredited by the IRP and follow their standards and processes.

It’s helped us attract and retain people; it’s a tool for us to demonstrate to potential recruiters in competition with us that we take this very seriously.

It’s also been very useful for our recruiters and sales people when they’re out pitching for business.

It’s a great business development tool to demonstrate a key differentiator with a lot of other people in the market.”

Philip Higgins, Managing Director at Ruillion:

“It’s raising standards within our industry…raising standards within our own organisation.

 (Our staff) get the benefit of being IRP members. They feel like they belong to something.

More and more we’re seeing clients take an interest in whether we’re an REC corporate member and whether our staff are IRP members. So there’s a business benefit as well as a benefit to the individual. It’s really about making sure everyone is engaged.”

In an increasingly crowded market, it is difficult to show you are serious about success.

IRP Advocacy is a sure fire way of showing you’re truly committed to professionalism. Become an employer of choice!

Learn more about IRP Advocacy on our website here, and watch our video below to hear what our current IRP Advocates have to say for yourself.

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