Celebrating success

We are all about celebrating recruitment success, so in our survey we asked you to tell us your biggest career achievements to date.

The stories you shared reflect the key findings from our survey. Your highlights include the joy of helping people find their dream job, the chance for progression and overcoming challenges.

Here’s a selection of the achievements you shared with us:

“Placing a candidate having been working with him for over two years to find the right job” recruitment achievement place candidate after two year

“Making a placement after a week in the role”


“Getting a candidate back into work after a crisis”


“I had a lady come in who was very low and she had a very bad experience at her last job and I set her up for interview, and she took it and is still there now and loves it”


“Placing someone who had just come out of prison – it changed his life” recruitment achievement placing someone out of prison

“Securing an exclusive role after only a month as a consultant”


“Placing a role in which the company that I was sourcing for had been recruiting for over 12 months using a variety of agencies. It took me one week to find the perfect candidate who got the job. He was over the moon and so were the company. Still doing very well there”


“Starting as an administrator and progressing to a senior consultant in a short space of time”


“Maintaining long lasting client relationships”


“Achieving my MIRP certificate (CertRP)” recruitment achievement receiving CertRP qualification

While we talk about achievements, what about the most challenging roles you’ve filled? Everyone has had them, for some of us they’re common occurrences!

These are some of our favourite answers:

“Snake Collectors”Indiana-jones-snakes-gif

“An MD for the third largest defence company in the world”

“PA for a very demanding multiple business owner”

“Executive Head Chef for a well-known four star hotel”Ratatouille gif

“A simple secretarial role that took 9 months!”

“A workshop supervisor at a prison”

“Bearing in mind that the majority of our roles are finance industry white collar jobs I placed a bus mechanic including converting the testing from French to English”

London bus gif

“Operations support engineer – needed a candidate with logistics/manufacturing coordination experience and a degree in chemistry”

“Industrial spray painter”

“A part time music teacher role that I had for ages. Last week I managed to fill it with someone who had relocated and had a child. This was the perfect job for her and she is excited to start”

school of rock

What’s clear is that we love our industry and our jobs. For too long recruitment has been seen in a negative light. We’re working towards changing this perception, and want recruitment to be seen as a career of choice.

Your career highlights show an incredibly positive view of the industry. We think it really is all about helping people and transforming lives.

If you want to share your biggest achievement in recruitment to date or the most challenging role you’ve filled, please comment below and don’t forget to join the conversation on Twitter and Facebook #iloverecruitment.

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