Ten reasons you love recruitment

I Love Recruitment word cloud

We love hearing why you love our industry.

Whether it’s the love of working with and helping people, the variety recruitment offers or the day-to-day challenge, your responses to our survey showed there are so many reasons you love going to work every day.

Here are 10 great reasons you love recruitment:

1. “Helping people secure the right role can be life changing”

recruitment right role life changing
2. “The buzz and satisfaction of helping people get the job they want and deserve”

recruitment buzz satisfaction helping people

3. “It constantly changes on a daily basis”

recruitment constantly changing

4. “The high of feeling like you have really helped someone”

recruitment helped someone

5. “Finding someone a job they love! And helping people achieve career goals”

recruitment achieve career goals

6. “Changing lives and transforming businesses”

recruitment changing lives transforming business
7. “The thrill, and managing the ups and downs”

recruitment thrill ups and downs

“My earning potential for someone without a very good academic record”

recruitment earning potential
9. “The challenge and buzz when you get the result”

recruitment challenge buzz result
10. “Meeting the needs of clients at critical moments”

recruitment meeting client needs

Check out the key findings from our survey here.

Tell us the number one reason you love recruitment in the comments below, and remember to share the love by following us on Twitter and Facebook #iloverecruitment.

2 thoughts on “Ten reasons you love recruitment

  1. Without a doubt it has to be when you secure a life changing role for someone. There’s no better feeling that giving that news to the successful candidate. It’s what makes the job worthwhile.

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