Why is recruitment a career of choice?

Recruitment can be a really good career image

We talk a lot about making recruitment a career of choice.

But what does that actually mean?

We sat down with Richard Charnock, Head of the IRP and Qualifications, to get his take on why recruitment is so important, and why it is a career of choice.

“Recruitment is big industry. It’s worth £28.7 billion, and it’s forecast to grow 18% in the next two years.

On average, there are 1.15 million people working every day through temporary or contract work, and over 634,000 people are placed into new permanent roles every year by recruiters.

This is a great, and important industry to be a part of. Recruiters help transform lives.

There are around 100,000 people working within the industry, generally on five levels: resourcer, recruitment consultant, senior recruitment consultant, manager, team leader or director.

The REC as an awarding organisation has created qualifications for all levels. Starting from the Level 2 Certificate in Recruitment Resourcing, all the way up to the upcoming Level 5 Diploma in Recruitment Leadership. The qualifications go from GCSE standard all the way up to degree.

Your career is supported the whole way.”

What’s a role in recruitment like?

“A recruitment role has limited barriers to entry – it’s something suitable for graduates and non-graduates alike.

Successful people in recruitment have a high earning potential. Though basic salaries tend to sit in the middle, the benefits, bonuses and commission are generally very generous. If you’re good, you’re rewarded. It’s all about what you make of it. And that’s exciting.”

How is the industry changing?

“Previously, the industry saw a high turnover of staff. People joined, then left after a few years. It was more of a stop-gap than a career choice.

But now, we’re seeing that turnover decrease. While the number working in recruitment grows, people are staying longer and viewing it as a genuine career.

Information from our members confirms this as well. You’re now staying members for longer – confirming for us that you’re staying in recruitment longer and valuing the professionalism the industry provides.

The available qualifications, longevity of membership to a professional institute, as well as recognition from clients through campaigns like the Good Recruitment Campaign, now allows both individuals and companies to show themselves as part of a recognised and professional industry.

If you’re looking to join the industry – ask yourself the below questions:

  1. Do you want to join an industry that has high earning potential from day one?
  2. What about one that works at a fast pace but still remains exciting?
  3. And how about an industry that creates daily challenges where the best will achieve?
  4. And one that has a career path, structured qualifications and provides professional recognition for an individual?
  5. Lastly, do you want to work in an industry that transforms people’s lives?

If you’ve answered yes, recruitment is for you.

It is a career of choice, and one that comes with multiple rewards.”

Click here to watch our recruiter profile videos and view our generic job descriptions to get more of an idea of recruitment as a career of choice.

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