Recruitment Matters: Susie Ankrett from Plum Personnel

Susie Ankrett is the director at Plum Personnel and spoke with Recruitment Matters about her 2015.


RM: How has 2015 been for Plum?

Susie Ankrett: 2015 has been a really buoyant year on the whole – we’ve taken on some fabulous new clients and we’ve seen the return of ‘passive’ clients.

RM: Place of the recruitment industry right now?

SA: It’s changed and I believe for the better. The industry’s contribution to UK plc is becoming more valued. We’re seeing less of being considered as a transactional relationship. They’re valuing the consultative approach and specialist recruitment knowledge.

RM: What kind of challenges are recruiters facing?

SA: We recruiters are great optimists and our glasses are often overflowing let alone half full – that said there are always going to be challenges. The lack of talent has opened up conversations with employers about looking at recruiting from talent pools they had not previously considered.  A great example of this is the great contribution part-time workers can make.

RM: What recruiters need to do more or and less of?

SA: I came into the industry in my forties so to say I was a late starter in recruiter is an understatement.  My first big shock was that the industry was so sales orientated.We need to be proud of our contribution to the economy and how we not only change the lives of individuals but also how we make a massive impact on the future success of organisations by finding them the people that will enable them to turn their vision reality. Without a doubt I think we’re worth it.

RM What kind of person makes an ideal recruiter?

SA: When I think of who makes an ideal recruiter, words and phrases come to mind such as bold, dynamic, resilient, tenacious, organised, a self-starter, commercially savvy, energetic, a positive thinker, a doer with an entrepreneurial spirit and focus. You need to be a full of determination, a completer/finisher, a negotiator, someone who can build rapport, work at a pace and deal with conflicting priorities.

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