IRP Advocacy: In Conversation

Person A meets Person B to discuss IRP Advocacy


A: Hey

B: Hey

A: Alright?

B: I’m sorry, what?

A: “Alright?”

B: What’s alright?

A: You know – “alright?”

B: [shakes head]

A: Are-you-all-right?

B: Oh, yeah, I’m great.

A: Good, good.

B: Why didn’t you just say that?

A: I did.

B: When?

A: When I said “alright”.

B: Alright then.

A: Now you’re getting it.

B: Getting what?

A: It.

B: “It”?

A: Have we been here before?

B: Where?

A: Here.

B: What’s here?

A: This.

B: This is here?

A: It is here. It is now.

B: What’s here and now?



[sound of fanfare, fireworks and carnivalesque entertainment]


B: That was a stretch.

A: I know. I’m sorry.

B: You should be.

A: I’m not.

B: I know you’re not.

A: But what am I?

B: An IRP Advocate?

A: Yes I am.

B: Can you tell me about that?

A: I can.

B: Can you?

A: Can do.


[Pregnant pause]


A: Oh, you mean now?

B: Yes. If you can.

A: I can…

B: Don’t start…

A: … and will. IRP Advocacy is for the recruitment business that’s dead serious about standards and best practice. This is an industry that gets people into work every day. Our company is telling us they value the contribution we make to our candidates and clients. It’s about more than being compliant – it’s about recognising the power recruiters have to transform people’s lives.

B: Woah.

A: I know, right?

B: That’s the longest I’ve ever heard you speak.

A: It is.

B: Is it the longest you’ve ever spoken for?

A: It is.

B: Will you ever speak that long again?

A: I won’t.

B: Could I trouble you for a website to find out more about this outstanding programme?

A: You may:

B: Alright, nice.

A: Alright

B: Alright

A: Alright

Alright? Becoming an IRP Advocate is simple. It’s about recruitment businesses investing in their staff by giving them all IRP Membership. Find out more about how you can become an employer of choice and ensure your team is best equipped to transform someone’s life. It’s as easy as having a conversation.

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