Eight things we love about recruitment

  1. It’s a roller coaster ride

Darth Vader rollercoaster
We all know recruitment has ups and downs – one week you’re on top of the world, making placements and smashing your targets. The next, it’s a dry patch and your candidate has been pipped to the post one too many times. But it always bounces back – and keeps us on our toes!

2. Variety is the spice of life

Completely different gif
No day in recruitment is ever the same and we love this! You don’t know who will be on the phone next with a new role or opportunity for you. You could be out and about meeting clients or calling candidates to brief them on your new role – we love the variety.

3. Recognition and reward

medal gif
Not only can our industry be financially lucrative if you’re doing well, hitting your targets and earning good commission on top of your base salary, but it offers real opportunity for recognition within your company. If you’re doing well, it’s celebrated and everyone knows who is on the top of the leader board.

4. The challenge!

challenges gif
The recruitment process is like a giant jigsaw puzzle that you are tasked with fitting together. When you’re briefed on a role by your client you’re presented with a problem that needs solving. You have to understand what your client wants, why they want it and then you have to find the right fit for your client (and candidate).

5. Competition

Competition gif
The recruitment environment isn’t for everyone – but if you’re someone who thrives on competition – it’s for you. You know where you are, you know where your targets are, you know what you have to do to beat them. The rush to be the first to call the right candidate is always a thrill!

6. You make your success – you’re in control

in control gif
The great thing about a career in recruitment is that you are in control of building your own brand. Developing relationships with clients and candidates means they will remember their experience with you, and come back to you again and again. You’re constantly on the lookout for opportunities to grow your business pipeline. Succeeding in recruitment is up to you – you’re on the front line building those relationships and when you work hard, you see the payoff.

7. Building relationships

Group hug gif
We recruiters love people! It’s all about building authentic relationships in this job – you get to chat with people to find out what drives them all day, to make sure you’re matching them with the right role and company.

8. Our work really matters

Success gif
At the end of the day, it’s the best feeling to know that the hard work you’re doing is actually for tangible good. We help people find their dream job, and employers find their dream candidate. There’s nothing better.

Why do you love recruitment? Send your recruitment love note to @recirp on Twitter using #iloverecruitment and be in to win a £20 voucher of your choice and Valentines Day treats!

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