Your I Love Recruitment love notes

Last week, we gave you a simple challenge: send us your recruitment love note. Help us spread the love in the lead up to Valentines Day and tell us the one thing you love most about our industry.

We had an overwhelming response, and were feeling extremely loved up last week – as was evident with our love note wall, which you helped fill up!

I Love Recruitment love note wall gif

We loved every one of your love notes, and loved sharing the recruitment love.

We’ve put together a collection of the best – can you spot yours?

I love recruitment because helping candidate find their dream job I love recruitment because - happy I love recruitment because - I love the buzz I love recruitment because - like minded peopleI love recruitment because - I love the challenge I love recruitment because - needs opportunities I love recruitment because - no two days I love recruitment because - people work with I love recruitment because - solving people's problems

You can view all the love notes on our Pinterest board.

Congratulations again to Danielle Main from Red Berry Recruitment who sent in the winning love note!

Remember to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook to share the love.

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