National Apprenticeship Week – Natalie’s story

It’s day three of National Apprenticeship Week, and we’ve got a new recruitment apprenticeship story to share.

Today’s story to inspire you is from Natalie Winterton, resourcer at BPS World.

Natalie Winterton in blog pictureWhat interested you in becoming an apprentice in recruitment?

All of my previous experience had been within the childcare and education environments. This is something I greatly enjoyed, however, after my circumstances changed, I was faced with the option of continuing within childcare or try something new. Originally I was interested in administration but I have always had my mind set on taking a role that can educate me. It dawned on me that an apprenticeship could offer the learning experience and allow me to venture in to a new environment.

I was asked to interview at my current company and I admit that I was skeptical as to whether it would be for me. However, after learning about the industry, I was greatly interested in pursuing the opportunity further. The opportunity to learn, develop and to also help people in my situation find a job they love.

What do you enjoy most about being an apprentice working in recruitment?

Firstly, it would be the opportunity to learn and grow my experience. An apprenticeship has offered me not only a qualification, but various skills that can be transferable to various environments. Recruitment shone a light on the process behind the name which was intriguing, as I had used such services in my plight to find a position. The fact that it gives me a chance to change someone’s working life is something I really like, when you place your first candidate into a position they covet, there is no better feeling.

What’s the number one thing you’ve learned while undertaking your apprenticeship?

Commitment. The reason being is that with various positions, there is no quick fix or quick fill. It takes time to vet various candidates, take them through our processes, sell them to the client whilst maintaining a strong working relationship. For this, you have to be committed. In my case it’s commitment to our overall goal of client and candidate happiness. You can put 100 candidates against a position but only one of those ticks all the boxes, and I would rather find one fantastic candidate than try to fill gaps with candidates who aren’t suited to the position in hand.

What kind of goals do you have for your career?

To become well-known in the engineering industry as a top class recruiter. The bonus of networking is that your name can be spread far and wide, and hopefully to the relevant people! Not to discount my current network, but it is always useful to have a pool of candidates for your main positions who recognise your personal brand. I hold building rapport highly, as after all, we have all been looking for a role at one time or another. It is nice to pick up the phone to someone who understands your situation and who is genuinely eager to change that.

What one thing would you tell yourself if you were just starting out?

Believe in yourself. You won’t always get it right, but have faith that you tried your hardest.

Would you recommend an apprenticeship in recruitment to others?

Most definitely. Not only can you break into new sectors that you wouldn’t have even thought of, you have the opportunity to earn while you learn. For me, university was a non-starter for many reasons. This thought can leave many people uncertain for their future, but with an apprenticeship you can learn those new skills and gain a qualification whilst being hands on.

I would just like to add how supportive my current company are. Not only in my learning process, but with me as a person. They have pulled me through some tough times where I have questioned my own ability to do the job. They have offered patience and guidance on a professional and personal level. That is something I have never forgotten and always appreciated.

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