Interview: Cassie Moore, Recruitment Apprentice of the Year at the 2015 IRP Awards

Cassie Moore is a consultant at ARM and winner of Recruitment Apprentice of the Year at the 2015 IRP Awards.

IRP Awards 2015 - Recruitment Apprentice of the Year Cassie Moore (ARM)

Recruitment Matters caught up with Cassie in the April 2016 issue:

Congratulations on your win – how has it been?

The win itself was amazing. It was one of those things that takes a while to sink in, but it’s got to the point where a lot of people in the industry know who I am now. My LinkedIn requests went a bit crazy after that night.

What led you to choose an apprenticeship in recruitment?

I started in 2012 in customer service but I’ve always enjoyed learning, so I moved into a recruitment apprenticeship with ARM. It was well worth a go because not only do you learn how to do the job, you get the Certificate in Recruitment Practice too. I’ve recently been promoted to a full time consultant, so the last four years have been worth it.

Congratulations – there must have been some happy faces at work after that?

There were, yes. I showed that an apprenticeship can work and that you can be a valued member of the team regardless of what role you’re in. It was great knowing ARM was with me and made sure I was on the right track.

How did you make the most of your apprenticeship?

I decided to start my own desk. I saw an opportunity to grow the business, so now I look after the shipping sector for Hong Kong, Singapore and all of Europe except the UK. It was very difficult to begin with since I don’t come from a sales background. But I learned it’s all about relationships. Once I got the hang of that, and getting the idea of how each culture deals with recruitment, you adapt to their demand.

What makes a good recruiter?

You need to know your candidates and what processes work best for them. You also need passion for the industry you’re working for – you need to be able to talk about the sector from their perspective, not just from a recruitment point of view. Keeping that relationship strong is so important.

Could you be this year’s Recruitment Apprentice of the Year? Register your interest for the 2016 IRP Awards to be the first to know when entries open.

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