#Certfie – one year on

#certife birthday cake

We can hardly believe it’s been a whole year since we first started celebrating our students’ IRP qualifications success with our #Certfie campaign.

The idea was simple. You work so hard in order to achieve your qualification – whether it be the Level 2 Certificate in Recruitment Resourcing, the Level 3 Certificate in Recruitment Practice or the Level 4 Diploma in Recruitment Management – and we wanted to make sure your hard work was celebrated for all to see.

If you’ve received your exam results today, make sure to send us in your #Certfie to @recirp, and you’ll be in to win our amazing #Certfiebration prize pack, filled with loads of goodies to help you celebrate.

For our first #Certfieversary, we’re looking back at some of the #Certfie’s you sent in.

Since we launched #Certfie in June 2015, over 1,000 students have taken their IRP qualification exams. That’s over 1,000 more recruiters professionalising themselves by gaining a respected and regulated qualification in recruitment. It’s something to be proud of.

Here’s a selection of proud students showing us their #Certfie:

Andrew Carr

Brian Hewett Recruitment

Aspire Cambridge group

Emily Red Berry

Jordan Drew

Hannah Mockridge

Janette Cream

Neaves and Neat

Emma Certfie

April Atkinson Headway Recruitment

Danny Stafford

Laura garratt

Are you featured? Have a look on our Pinterest board and on the hashtag stream on Twitter and help us celebrate our students’ success by retweeting, liking and pinning!

Do you want to join the #Certfie ranks? Visit our qualifications page to find out more about enrolling.

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