Ten sections to discover on the CMI ManagementDirect portal

Ten best sections of the CMI portal

Did you know IRP members get access to all of the Chartered Management Institute’s (CMI) ManagementDirect resources?

They’re housed in an online portal, and can be used to support managers in organisations of all sizes, no matter the stage of your management career.

It’s something you may not have realised you can explore, so we’re breaking down our ten favourite sections for you to get started:

1. Best practice checklists:

Over 200 checklists providing practical summaries of the most common tasks and challenges you may face during your management career. These include areas like career development, change management, employee engagement, project management and much more.

2. One page guides:

Discover over sixty of the most popular management models in a quick and easy format.

3. E-learning scenarios:

Delve into fifteen interactive scenarios that allow you to explore real-life simulations and make outcome affecting decisions based on your own evaluations.

4. Professional practice guides:

Guides providing advice on how to maintain high standards of professional conduct and competence. Topics include bullying in the workplace, risk management and corporate

5. Leading business and academic journals:

Business Source Corporate gives you access to articles on management and business from a range of academic journals and business magazines. You’ve got almost 3,000 to
choose from, including Harvard Business Review and People Management

6. Business leader videos:

Get the inside word from world-class business leaders and academics as they talk about their experiences dealing with key management challenges. Use them for inspiration and guidance.

7. Tools to promote creative thinking:

If you’re ever in need of different ways to brainstorm and inspire a new way of thinking in your team, you have access to over 100 practical tools that can help.

8. Document templates:

There are a number of templates available to help you prepare common management documents including project initiation, communications plan, marketing plan and more.

9. Company profiles:

Access hundreds of company reports which you can use to enhance your own business planning, and even for business development opportunities.

10. Ideas for leaders briefings:

Keep up-to-date with the latest leadership ideas coming through from the world’s top business schools. Each idea increases your knowledge, offers suggestions for how to
apply it, as well as helping you start new conversations within your team.

There’s so much to explore. The portal has over 9,000 documents in total, so our favourite parts are only the tip of the iceberg.

Discover the CMI portal for yourself here.

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