Interview: Daniel Griggs, Delta Genesis Consulting

Daniel Griggs is a Fellow of the Institute of Recruitment Professionals and owner/founder of Delta Genesis Consulting. We asked Daniel to tell us about his journey into recruitment and why he loves it so much.

Daniel Griggs image

How did you get into recruitment?

I was a CAD draughtsman working permanently and decided to go temp to save money to go travelling. That involved visiting CADSearch recruitment, who convinced me to take a role as a sales support consultant with them!

How long have you been in recruitment?

I started that first role at CADSearch in 1989.

Where do you currently work?

I founded Delta Genesis Consulting in 2013 offering recruitment advisory services by sharing recruitment knowledge through mentoring, training and executive support.

What do you love about the job?

Using both my experiences and those I hear from others to either solve or avoid an issue or even to take them on a completely new journey.

Would you recommend that job seekers consider recruitment as a career of choice?


What keeps you in this industry?

The positivity and energy that you experience whenever you walk into a recruitment business. It never fails to invigorate.

Given your time again would you do anything differently?

It’s not over yet so I still have the opportunity to do things differently and try new things, therefore no I wouldn’t change anything. However, I would say enjoying the journey at the time isn’t as easy as it sounds. These days I try, but not always successfully, to make sure I only do what I enjoy. So I could have started doing that from day one.

Can you give us one #positiveplacement story?

In 1997 I placed an engineer to do two weeks worth of structural assessments and calculations in Antartica. However, because of the harsh environment and the fact that getting there and back is not a simple task, the assignment had to be six months long to coincide with the supply ships timetable. If you also add in the fact that without email, a portable device or a mobile phone it was left to a tea chest of books to provide any entertainment, you can probably work out how pleased I was to fill the role. Especially as I was told by the client it was an impossible role that should have been filled in the last weather window the year before. But to also find out from my candidate on his return what a truly life changing time he had had was just priceless and difficult to top.

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