Lisa Starkey from MVP Supply Chain Recruitment

We asked IRP Fellow, Lisa Starkey, why recruitment is her career of choice.

Lisa Starkey

How did you get into recruitment?

By accident! I registered with People First, a specialist agency in the city in London, after relocating from the Midlands. They asked me in for a registration interview and, at the end of that, asked if I’d be interested in working for them. Two further meetings later, they offered me a position, and I accepted.

How long have you been in recruitment?

15 years.

Where do you currently work?

MVP Supply Chain Recruitment – I’ve been here for 10 years and I’m currently Principal Consultant, looking after all permanent and interim recruitment within the third party logistics sector.

What do you love about the job?

Every day is different, plus you’re in charge of your own destiny, to a large extent. There’s also the very real bonus of helping people find a new role and make a huge difference to their life. This is particularly satisfying when you place someone into a role they love and thrive in, despite it being one they wouldn’t have considered themselves.

How did you find the CertRP?

I got my CertRP in 2005 – at that time, it was a one year class-based course with a final “dissertation” project and role play interviewing skills assessments. I loved doing it, as it underpinned all of the day to day work I was doing, but also gave me the opportunity to rub shoulders with other recruiters, most of whom were at the same level as me.

Would you recommend that job seekers consider recruitment a career of choice?

Yes, definitely. It’s not a career that was highlighted or promoted when I was at school, and most of my colleagues and other people I know in recruitment got there by accident. I think more should be done to promote what is a rewarding and challenging career option. There are more and more recruitment apprentice schemes being developed now so, hopefully, this will make the sector more appealing as a career choice for young people at the start of their working life.

What keeps you in this industry?

I’ve been fortunate to have only worked for two businesses during my 15 year recruitment career. Both companies (People First in London and, currently, MVP Supply Chain Recruitment) have had fantastic people, great ethics and a very supportive environment. I’ve had a great time in recruitment to date and, hopefully, for a long time to come.

Give your time again would you do anything differently starting out?

I’ve given this question a lot of thought and, genuinely, I don’t think I would. I was really lucky to start my career with People First, who provided me with great training and the opportunity to get qualified via the REC. All of this gave me confidence in my ability to recruit, through the combination of practical work and best practice standards and processes.

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