Dominic Joyce from Sheldon Phillips shares his journey into recruitment

Dominic Joyce is a Senior Recruitment Specialist at Sheldon Phillips. We recently asked Dominic about his journey into recruitment and what IRP membership means to him.

Dominic Joyce Senior Recruitment Specialist Sheldon Phillips

1. What’s your background and how did you get into recruitment?
My background has predominantly been within sales and customer service, entry level up to management, but I’ve always had a passion to work within recruitment. Friends and family and even past colleagues, clients and customers have always told me that I’d do well in recruitment. I enjoy building long-term relationships, helping people achieve their goals and ambitions along with networking with like-minded professionals, so recruitment is a great fit for my career aspirations. I interviewed for a recruitment company in Berkshire as a fresh-faced 18-year-old. The interview process was horrible, I totally misjudged the role and was out of my depth. I wasn’t in my opinion, mature enough yet to work in recruitment.

Developing my skills with sales and customer service jobs along with life experience gained along the way helped me realise the time was right to enter recruitment. My friend and boss, Jamie Trick, saw I wasn’t being rewarded in my current role and saw the potential in me. He gave me an opportunity. I wanted a stable career to support my family and I was given that from Sheldon Phillips who’ve supported me in my development ever since. I can say I’ve definitely found my niche within recruitment and I’m looking forward to forging a career for myself within the industry.

2. Why did you choose IRP membership?

Jamie Trick, the director at Sheldon Phillips wants to focus on developing new talent within the recruitment industry and being members of the IRP is part of that. Knowing you are part of a body that stands for professional standards, who are there for help and support and to have the opportunity to reward staff for their hard work with awards too. The lifestyle side of the membership helps Sheldon Phillips offer staff something that small businesses sometimes cannot.

3. What does IRP membership mean to you and what are the best benefits of IRP membership for you?

The IRP Membership means a great deal to me. I was extremely honoured to be shortlisted for “Best Newcomer” at this year’s IRP Awards in December. Being recognised by both my employer and the recruitment industry gives me an immense sense of pride which I haven’t had in the 14 years I’ve been working. IRP’s clear goal is to help members maintain and develop their careers. Even displaying their logo on your website or on your email signature does wonders for your reputation, as I’m a firm believer that within recruitment your reputation is everything. The range of training and resources that are available to you as a member is incredible and covers a wide range of areas within recruitment, from legal resources to sales processes. Anyone I’ve ever spoken to within the REC and IRP are always knowledgeable and always eager to help.

4. How will you use your IRP membership moving forward?
Currently with the IRP I’m studying towards my Level 3 CertRP exam in December which will give me a qualification recognised by fellow professionals both inside and outside my industry. They’ve given me a supportive coach to help mentor me through my revision when needed to make sure I’m fully prepared for the exam. My goal is to go onto management within recruitment and support and nurture a team of recruiters. I will use the IRP as an example to tell new colleagues and people I meet within the recruitment industry what’s it given me to help develop and further my career.

If you’d like to share you story, email us to find out more.

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