Zak Bryon: Why I chose an apprenticeship in recruitment

Zak Bryon is a consultant at TDA Recruitment Group. This National Apprenticeship Week, we asked Zak why he decided an apprenticeship was for him and why recruitment is his career of choice.

ZakBryon TDA Recruitment Group

Why an apprenticeship in recruitment?

I wanted to pick out something that suited my personality and thought my interpersonal skills suited a profession like recruitment, so when the opportunity arose through MiddletonMurray everything fit together, and after about six weeks I knew recruitment was something I’d like to do.

What do you enjoy most about your apprenticeship?

With the apprenticeship, you understand more about the legislation and all the nitty details, rather than just going in and being in a results driven position and forgetting everything else that goes along with it. You learn the whole recruitment process and then it allows you to build on that when you go into the environment yourself.

What would you tell someone just starting out in their apprenticeship?

Use it to the full capacity. People are there on the other end of the phone if you need any help, and get your work done as soon as you start then move on. Understand it, work through the whole course and take everything on board because it does definitely help, and gives you a broad skill-set.

Sounds like you’d recommend a recruitment apprenticeship to others?

100%. I think it’s the easiest way to get into a profession, rather than just going to interview after interview. An apprenticeship gradually pushes you until you think “Right, I can do this on my own”. Then you can either move on after your apprenticeship ends or stay in the place you are. It really kick-starts your career.

What’s next?

I have plans over the next couple of years – maybe hiring someone underneath me or being a team leader, but I definitely want to stay in recruitment. I want to stay in one place and go up, so I’ll do that at TDA for as long as possible.

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National Apprenticeship Week is co-ordinated by the National Apprenticeship Service to celebrate apprenticeships and the positive impact they have on individuals, businesses and the wider economy.

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