Your industry – as seen on screen

Sometimes it’s interesting to take a step back and look at the industry you’re working from a different perspective. No, we’re not advocating you quit your job and play job seeker for a while, nothing that drastic! Hollywood has a surprising cache of films about or related to employment, and we’ve done the hard work of finding the best five for you. Now all you need is popcorn.

The Wolf of Wall Street

Pulling no punches, this jaw-dropper of a film was inspired by the exploits of former New York stockbroker Jordan Belfort, and is every bit as salacious as you’d imagine. While things have – we hope – calmed down a lot since the 2008 financial Crash and heightened regulations on the banking world pushed through much needed reform, this film is a must watch if you work in financial sector recruitment.


Catch Me If You Can

Confidence is key in recruitment. It’s what will win you clients, new business pitches and help convince candidates that you have what it takes to secure them their next role. We’re not encouraging you to lie about your experience or skills, but taking a leaf out of the book of the film’s protagonist, trickster Frank Abagnale (Leo DiCaprio), and harnessing the power of confidence and self-belief could help give you that all important boost.


The Devil Wears Prada

Hands up, how many of you can relate to this film, or have heard candidate’s relate nightmare stories about the boss they’re trying to escape? The Devil Wears Prada presents the traumatic working life of Andy Sachs (Anne Hathaway), Assistant to Miranda Presley (Meryl Streep). When Andy isn’t being sent out on seemingly impossible errands she has the pleasure of receiving HR worthy comments: “Did you fall down and smack your little head on the pavement?” from her demanding boss. Work in fashion or media recruitment? Get yourself a copy of this film. Now.


Made in Dagenham

Women’s fight for workplace equality may not be over, but a small victory over the gender pay gap can be seen in British film Made in Dagenham, which dramatises the 1968 Ford sewing machinists strike for equal pay. Based on true events, this film sheds light on the movement that led to the Equal Pay Act of 1970, and celebrates progressive change over workplace discrimination.


Office Space

One for all those frustrated office workers. In this comedy, 28 year old desk slave Peter Gibbons has had enough – work politics, mind-numbing routine, and petty grievances pushing him into the depths of 9-5 hell. Along with two equally frustrated co-workers, Peter sets about hatching a potentially lucrative rebellion against his fat cat boss. The perfect film to end a long and stressful week.


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